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"She's a Brilliant Fool."

It started as a secret - a young bookworm sneaking onto her computer in the middle of the night to write chapter after chapter of fanfiction for her favorite characters. She penned daring escapes, friendly fluff, countless cliffhangers, torrid affairs, ripe dramas, tear-jerking tragedy... She always loved a good story.

She acted them out, alone at night, stepping gingerly across the floor to keep the house in its midnight trance. The more she wrote, the more people wanted to read - until one girl was writing her stories for millions of anonymous fans. 

Her heart would soar, her mind would vibrate with endless plots; she felt more alive in those few stolen hours every night than she did during her wildly scheduled days. Stories fulfilled her, stories fed her, and sharing stories changed her. 

Life is short, laughter is good, and passion is boundless. 

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The Road So Far...

          She's tall enough to reach the top shelf, and her full name sounds like a sneeze: Gwyneth McFall-Gorman is an American-Canadian actor, vocalist, and playwright. She was born in Connecticut in 1997 and is currently working as a theatre professional in the Toronto area. Gwyneth has been building her career as a stage actor and playwright since 2017, and she’s found early success in the film industry - above and below the line. She has a particular passion for re-imagining classics, and as a proudly neuro-divergent and queer artist, she believes strongly in the efficacy of performance to create an accessible and equitable world by amplifying diverse human experience.

          Gwyneth has starred in a variety of multi-media, staged, and immersive productions. During the pandemic, Gwyneth has been fortunate enough to stay busy in Toronto's film and theatre circles. She most recently starred in "Black Deer in Blizzard," a 2021 Hamilton Fringe play that took home both 'Best in Fringe' and the Critic's Choice Award. Earlier in 2021, she tackled leading roles in Tarragon's Zoom Series and Nightswimming's Zoom Series. Gwen recently shot her first credited TV appearance in the third season of VICE Network's most popular Docu-Drama, "Dark Side of the Ring," which premiered in June, 2021. She keeps busy by working full-time as an IATSE 873 Set Dec/Props/Greens Permit on some of Toronto's biggest film and television sets. 


          Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she starred as a fierce and lovable Pirate Mama in a 2018 Young Company tour with the Thousand Islands Regional Playhouse, a Principal Role in the 2019 Professional Workshop of "Goodbye, Paris!" directed by renowned Montreal Director Eda Holmes, a lead company membership in the 2019 inFORMING Content Devising Lab with Canada’s very own Peter Hinton & Toronto's Volcano Theatre Company, and a starring role as Lead Vocalist and Friar Tuck in England's 2019 Medieval Festival at Herstmonceaux Castle, UK. In her last year of undergraduate studies, Gwyneth was elated to star as the titular character in the Queen's University production of "The Drowsy Chaperone" in November, 2019 before her graduation from their Honors Arts Program in May, 2020. 

          In her composition, songwriting, and playwriting, she is as ceaseless and curious as in performance. Her contemporary singing voice balances golden age characteristics with neo-folk sound production, while her discipline and vocal talent gives her access to an echelon of hilariously unique character voices, dialects, and tonal placements.


         Gwyneth's original stage works are known for their playful handling of reality and their mighty ensembles - unique characters with fierce wit, dry humors, and minimal boundaries. Her most recent play was an absurdist, five-sensory look at contemporary Toronto youth. Entitled 'The Turd Floor', this ridiculous one-act play with a diverse eight-body ensemble was mounted at Queen's Rotunda Theatre in March, 2020 to much acclaim, horror, and gleeful delight. Gwyneth has never been afraid to blend the worlds of pain, fear, and comedy. As she fondly remarks, "Entropy is the driving force of the universe; but, as the world tends to chaos, humans tend to each other."


          Gwyneth has paved a rather unorthodox path to the performing arts, starting out her undergraduate in the Fall of 2015 as a student in mining engineering. She studied and interned as a mine planning & field services technician until 2017 when she said, and I quote, "F*** that," and transferred into the Queen's Drama Department to pursue her true passions and fulfillments. Gwen is focused on training her instrument - voice, body, and character - to best understand its capabilities. She is also focused on training her cat, Eddie, to observe personal space. 


Gwyneth McFall-Gorman holds a Bachelors in Arts (Honours) from the Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. 


For commercial acting/booking enquiries, please contact my agent, Mallory!

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