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The Bastard Lovechild of Shakespeare & Danny Devito...

It began as a secret FanFiction blog. Now she's writing for Just For Laughs.


Gwyneth McFall Gorman is an emerging actor, writer, and artist in Toronto, Ontario. Her most recent credits include "The Way Home" Season 1 (2023) by the Hallmark Network, the upcoming festival short A Night with Lucas and Silvia (2023)Banshee (2022) (Best International Film Nominee at the Oregon Screams Film Festival), and the dual-superlative digital media play 'Black Deer in Blizzard' which premiered in 2021 at the Hamilton Fringe Festival and took home the Critic's Choice Award and Best In Fringe.     Gwyneth is a decorated performer and musician, and her musical theatre credits include starring roles in both 'The Drowsy Chaperone' and 'Goodbye, Paris!' Her recent stage credits and projects have seen her in shows at Tarragon Theatre, Nightswimming Theatre, and Richard Rose & Tom Barnett's Ibsen Salon. 

Gwyneth is also known for her starring role in the "Grizzly Adams" Episode of Season 3 of "Dark Side of the Ring" (2020) for VICE, as well as several small and background roles on such productions as Mrs. America, October Faction, Disney's Zombies 2, The Boys S2, and more. 

Gwyneth is a prolific film technician; she prop masters and art directs on some of Toronto's most popular IATSE productions. She has one piano, two cats, three ukuleles, four beehives, and a loving partner. She enjoys nothing more than poking fun at herself. 


Gwyneth McFall Gorman holds a Bachelors in Arts (Honours) from the

Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. 

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For acting/booking enquiries, please contact:

Catherine Knights, Catalyst TCM


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